2016 – New York

In November of 2016 I had the opportunity to visit New York City. I planned it between November 6-11 because I thought I would get the honour of being in the same city when they elect the first American female president. Alas, it was not so, but I did have a literary adventure. I raided several bookstores, sat down in many libraries, explored museums and library exhibits. I found a giant Charlotte Bronte exhibit at the Morgan Library as you can see from the slideshow. The biggest highlight however was on my day back while I was waiting at the airport, I was listening to an audiobook by Neil Gaiman when lo’ and behold in the same La Guardia airport I see Neil Gaiman! I built up the courage to go talk to him and I think that made this trip worth everything. He is one of my favourite living authors and to get the chance to meet him in a non-“author meet” context was so different. I was  star-struck and froze and I wish I would have known what to ask him, but I completely blanked out. I ended up telling him that I’m a librarian and he said he was proud of me which is more than I can ask for. Highlight of a lifetime!

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