Review Policy

How to contact me: by e-mail at

When I accept books for review:

If you contact me and I reply means it’s a good time and I accept books. If I don’t it means I’m way in over my head with books and am currently taking a break.

What I accept:

I accept ARCs, finished paperbacks and hardcovers, and eBooks (PDF or Kindle). I prioritize physical ARCs over electronic ones even if I receive them later. acc

I will not accept content that is offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate for publication.

I am also not reading nor reviewing any books that have been self-published and have not been through the editorial and publication process.

Where I Review:

  • On this blog
  • Goodreads: as I finish books, including status updates
  • Indigo (by request)
  • Amazon (by request)
  • I also include new books in print format on my Instagram

I like to think of this forum as a place where I discuss books with people in hopes that they can hear of new books they wouldn’t otherwise know about, and a way to spread bookish love. I try to refrain from spreading negativity and extracting the positive out of every book. That said, I have zero tolerance for authors who have been in the news for being: racist, sexist, or discriminatory. Here are some examples if you’re wondering what I mean by that: #1, #2, #3.